Oct 24, 2017

A Family Gives Back

Spotlight Date:
October 25, 2017
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Parents of Dreyfoos students are often as dedicated to the School as their children. They are the ones picking their students up from late rehearsals, attending all of their performances, driving to private lessons, participating in fundraisers, or volunteering their time at campus functions. Catherine and Nathaniel Drourr, parents of a current Dreyfoos senior and a Class of 2015 alumnus, are also very dedicated to supporting the School of the Arts Foundation.

The Drourrs believe that their sons Joshua, who studied trumpet, and Samuel, who studies French Horn have received what another school could not offer; “Pure and simple: a profound, immersive, and lifelong relationship with the arts. We couldn't imagine this happening at any other school, public or private.”

As for their own connection to the arts, Catherine believes that “Nathaniel has learned so much about music throughout our children's years at Dreyfoos, I believe he has developed a new love for the arts. For me, it was always a hope that my children would have an amazing experience like I did in high school and college in regards to music. How wonderful that their school has surpassed all expectations!”

Through personal contributions and through Catherine’s practice, Concierge Medicine of Jupiter, the Drourrs have supported not only the Band department, but also the 25th Anniversary Gala, and our Campaign for the Arts, the program that helps fund the school’s Artists in Residence. Of their support, Catherine says that “This school, the teachers, and the Foundation have given our family an incredible number of years together. We will share these memories for the rest of our lives. We have been given a gift and for that we feel that supporting the Foundation is about giving back, however we can.”

“I believe not only our community but our entire nation benefits from providing a well-rounded education to young adults and that includes an exposure to the arts. The Foundation continues to support that effort here by bridging the gap financially between what limited funds our schools have and the important needs of our talented students.”

Although the Drourrs obviously love the band department, they try to go see a variety of Dreyfoos productions. “Sometimes we forget we are watching teenagers perform - they compare to some professional actors, artists, or musicians we've seen. Having said that, our family favorite is always going to be The Prism performance - it is so lovely to see all the children of the music department work together and create something so magical.”

Although Samuel will graduate in 2018, the Drourrs have high hopes for the future of the school. “Our biggest hope is that generations of children will continue to experience what ours have enjoyed so much. It has been an incredible journey that we have treasured these past seven years.”