Applications for Foundation scholarships open Monday, February 3, 2020


2019-2020 scholarships

Jacqueline and Alexander Berman Scholarship
Established in memory or Dreyfoos students Jackie and Alex Berman, both talented strings majors at Dreyfoos. 
Application qualifications:
- Pursuing music at college or a summer program
- Demonstrates financial need

Sue Cunningham Memorial Music Scholarship
Established by Frank Serio in memory of his companion, Sue Cunningham, a renowned violinist and engineer. 
Application qualifications:
- Studying violin at a summer program
- Demonstrated financial need

Jason Budjinski Memorial Scholarship
The scholarship was established by the Budjinski family in memory of Jason Budjinski. 
Application qualifications:
- Visual, Communication Arts, or Music Senior
- 500-word essay

Peter Stodolak Scholarship
Established in honor of years Pete dedicated to teaching Digital Media at the Dreyfoos School Arts. 
Application qualifications:
- Majoring in Photography in college
- Demonstrates financial need

Eileen Kleinert Memorial Scholarship
This award was created by Eileen's beloved husband, Eric Kleinert, and daughter, Brandi Kleinert Larsen, a Communications alumna. and honors the memory of Eileen Kleinert for her love of children and for her years of volunteering at the School of the Arts.  
Application qualifications:
- College-bound Communication Arts student
- Demonstrates a dedication to community service

Elayne and Marvin Mordes Scholarship
This scholarship was established by local art collectors Elayne and Marvin Mordes through donations received at Whitespace - their private collection. 
Application qualifications:
- Visual Artist
- Clear artist statement
- Pursuing Visual Arts in College

Marsha Christo Scholarship
Established in memory of Marsha Christo who touched the lives of thousands of Palm Beach County high school students. Marsha taught a varied and in-depth visual arts curriculum for almost 3 decades. She began her career as one of the original teachers in Palm Beach County's School of the Arts magnet program. 
Application qualifications:
- Visual Artist whose work is culturally ethnic in terms of color and design

William and Beverly A. Taubert Memorial Scholarship 
2013 marked the first year of what will be an annual scholarship fund that was established by the late Beverly Taubert.  Ms. Taubert was a retired educator who wanted to provide deserving students with college scholarships. Ms. Taubert took several local schools under consideration but after meeting Dreyfoos social studies teacher Tom West who told her about our school she decided to leave her gift to the School of the Arts Foundation. Each year the Taubert Scholarship will grow and generate funds to provide scholarships for Dreyfoos students.
Application qualifications:
- Demonstrates financial need

Three Sisters Scholarship
The Three Sisters scholarship was established through the Three Sisters Endowment Fund, which was begun by  Rochelle Oliver Chang and Andrew Chang. This $1,000 scholarship was started to honor the legacy of three sisters whose success is greatly owed to the School of the Arts, its resources, its influence, and its teachers. Following their graduation from the School of the Arts, the Oliver sisters, Tiffany '99, Rochelle '02, and Morgan '15, continued pursuing their artistic passions. 
Application qualifications:
- Women of color
- Pursuing an arts degree in college or at a conservatory
- A lifelong passion for the arts and a deep desire to give back

Raimondi Family Photography Scholarship
Established by the Raimondi Family to extend a $5,000 tuition payment towards college tuition.  
Application qualifications:
- Preference to a student pursuing photography at Massachusetts College of Art
- Consideration also extended to any student pursuing Fine Arts at Massachusetts College of Art
- Additionally considering students pursuing Photography or Fine Arts at a college or conservatory


For more information about scholarships please contact the Foundation office 
at 561-805-6298 or via email