Nov 29, 2016

Become a Friend of Dreyfoos

Spotlight Date:
November 30, 2016
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One of the most exciting new additions to the School of the Arts Foundation is already underway - the Friends of Dreyfoos Group. A great way to support Dreyfoos, receive invitations to exclusive events, and to take a look behind-the-scenes at this amazing school, Friends of Dreyfoos is a membership group that includes professionals and patrons who are interested in being a part of Palm Beach County's innovative cultural and social scene. It provides members with a stimulating combination of the arts, education, revelry and networking.

Ty Po, a School of the Arts Foundation Board Member and Friends of Dreyfoos Committee Member believed a Friends group was necessary to engage the community. “One of the purposes of Friends of Dreyfoos is to drive a higher level of ongoing engagement between the community and the Dreyfoos School of the Arts Foundation. Part of the reason why our membership includes tickets to Dreyfoos performances is that we want Friends to see student performances first hand and take their friends too. When a person sees a dance, music or theatre performance or attends one of the art shows, or communications showcases, they gain much insight into the quality of the student artists at Dreyfoos as well as an appreciation of the world-class arts education that Friends of Dreyfoos is helping to provide to Palm Beach County high school students.”

Brandon Levine, a Dreyfoos alumni (Class of 2002, Music), Board Member and Friends of Dreyfoos Committee Member, adds that “Many are unaware that Dreyfoos is supported by the public. The purpose of “Friends” was to create a group of passionate advocates to inform the community of the many talents at the school, and the support that it needs.”

Friends of Dreyfoos launched its inaugural season by attending a sold out performance of the Theatre Department’s production of “The Addams Family” followed by a reception at Wine Scene with drinks and hors d’oeuvres. Friends were also invited to attend Dreyfoos in White, with an exclusive member price. As we look towards the season, Darlene Dzuba, a Board Member and Friends Committee Member, is particularly excited for Dreyfoos LIVE!, a cocktail reception to be held at the Flagler Museum that will feature performances by Dreyfoos students and Alumni. Ty is particularly interested in the Friends events that will happen not only in season, but throughout the summer as well.

Darlene believes that supporting Dreyfoos makes an impact that extends beyond the school. “The community benefits not only from the performances but from the satisfaction of watching these young artists develop their craft and a lifelong appreciation of the arts as they move into college and adulthood.”

Ty added that “supporting Dreyfoos means providing affordable access to live performances as well as support to visual, digital and communication arts in our community. Almost 20,000 people attended Dreyfoos events last year, and I suspect that many of those who attend, especially students, will begin to develop a lifelong love and appreciation of the arts. In addition, having a public school of Dreyfoos' caliber in Palm Beach County makes our county a much more desirable place to live as well as grow a business.”

Brandon’s commitment to Friends of Dreyfoos comes naturally. “Dreyfoos School of the Arts is a part of my identity. Boastfully, I am a testament to positive impact Dreyfoos has on our community, and I will continue to ensure the current and future students are provided the same opportunities that I was afforded.”

Become a Friend of Dreyfoos today to join in on the fun, and ensure the success of Dreyfoos and our Community.