Theatre Department Sponsorship 24-25


Theatre Department Sponsorship Opportunities 2024-2025


Dreyfoos School of the Arts

Date & Time

Seasonal Shows for 2024 - 2025

Donate to Support Theatre — Become a Theatre Patron!

Why Do We Need Your Support?

  • This year, the Theatre Department will produce three major shows and several showcases. Productions are costly — licensing fees, elaborate sets, intricate costumes, detailed props, make-up, wigs and specialized technical equipment. District funding and other funding sources often fall short of what is needed, so additional support is needed to supplement these costs.
  • The Theatre Parent Association (TPA) raises funds to help offset some of these costs as well as other department expenses such as purchasing theatre supplies and equipment; meals for cast/crew, theatre faculty and audition adjudicators; hosting cast parties and a year-end banquet; providing scholarships and grants; organizing fun department activities; presenting senior gifts; and hosting department guests.

Benefits of Becoming a Theatre Patron

  • Theatre Patrons proudly help support and enhance the arts-based education and theatrical training of all our students.
  • All Theatre Patrons will be recognized and acknowledged for their generous contributions — benefits will be comparable to underwriting, and may be negotiated and customized to suit a Patron’s preferences.
  • Featured benefits include signage, Playbill recognition, premium Playbill ads, Annual Theatre Program ads, signed production posters, Behind-the-Scenes events with casts and crews, and premium seating.

Please contact the TPA at if you have any questions or to customize your benefits.



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