Dec 6, 2019

Q&A With Jules Mabie

What year did you graduate from Dreyfoos?

Graduated 2 years early in 2016

What major were you a part of in your time at Dreyfoos?


Who were your favorite teachers while you were at Dreyfoos?

Favorite teacher was Heather Lescaille.

What was your most memorable experience at Dreyfoos?

[My] most memorable experience at Dreyfoos was walking up to that attic class

How were you introduced to dance?

I was introduced to dance through my mother who put me into dance because She couldn’t deal with my energy.

How old were you when you started dancing?

[I] started dancing at about 10.

What process did you go through to get your apprenticeship with New York City Ballet?

The process of getting my apprenticeship with [NYCB] was basically dancing and training as much as I could at SAB and waiting to hear from the director of NYCB. 

Describe the daily efforts of your apprenticeship with the New York City Ballet.

Daily efforts of my apprenticeship with NYCB would include having to understudy and be able to execute and overwhelming amount of ballets.

How do you see dance as a part of your future? 

I see dance continuing to be a career in my future, hopefully dancing with NYCB for as long as I can or until I decide to leave.

What advice would you give to students who are currently at Dreyfoos?

Advice I would give to students currently at Dreyfoos would be to use the skills and assets that DSOA provides students to help in life, as DSOA teaches great skills.

Written By: Anamaria Navarrete