Alumni Spotlights

Ronda Johnson
Ronda Johnson is a class of 2000 Alumni and has been a teacher in the Dreyfoos Dance Department for seven years. After graduating from Dreyfoos she went on to the prestigious Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre.  She works regularly with local dance companies, has been sponsor of both the Junior and Senior classes, is the parent of ...
October 31, 2013
Dan Rosenthal
Shortly after being admitted to the Maryland Bar Dan Rosenthal, class of 2001 alumni, was appointed by President Obama as a diplomat in the U.S. Foreign Service.  He went on to serve as Economic and Commercial Attaché in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia ...
September 30, 2013
Jeff Adkins
Music alum Jeff Adkins pried himself out of the recording studio to answer some questions. "This summer I found myself playing a lot of jazz – both at live shows and with a recording session for an album produced by Otis Taylor. Earlier in the summer, the Americana band I play in finished our first album of original music" ...
August 30, 2013
Megan Larche

Megan Larche, a class of 1996 Theatre Alumna, is a casting director, Tony Award nominated producer, & audition coach based in New York City. Megan’s passion for Theatre started long before she arrived in New York City, she explains: “When I was 5 my Kindergarten teacher told my mother I talked too much and needed an extracurricular activity." ...

May 22, 2013
Eric Andre

Class of 2001 Music alum, Eric Andre, has put down his bass and stepped into the comedy spotlight. Eric is a hard working stand-up comedian who has parlayed his natural comedic talent into several acting roles and his own talk show The Eric Andre Show on the Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim ...

April 22, 2013
Scott Armetta

Scott Armetta is a painting and design teacher at Dreyfoos School of the Arts as well as a working artist. Scott is also a Visual Department alum from the class of 1994! As one of the few who have experienced the school from both sides he took some time to answer a few questions about his experiences ...

March 22, 2013
Jose Carlos Alvarez Los Angeles based film composer

Carlos José Alvarez is a Los Angeles based film composer and percussionist.  As a child in a musical Cuban household, he was exposed to a spectrum of music, ranging from the Cuban masters to the great symphonies.  Enthralled by Cuban rhythms, Carlos took up percussion.  He is a class of 1998 Music Department alum ...

February 18, 2013
Katie Alender author of the Bad Girls Don't Die

Katie Alender (nee Schmidt), is the author of the Bad Girls Don't Die series of young adult novels from Disney-Hyperion and the upcoming Marie Antoinette, Serial Killer (October 2013) from Scholastic. Katie is a Palm Beach County School of the Arts class of 1995 Communications Department Alum.

January 27, 2013
Joshua Harto

Joshua Harto, a class of 1997 School of the Arts Theatre alum, is an actor, writer and producer. He has appeared in numerous award winning and critically acclaimed plays, television series and films. Many of you may remember him as the blackmailing attorney 'Coleman Reese' in The Dark Knight ...

December 22, 2012
Kasia Reterska - VP at Fenton

Kasia Reterska, a class of 1997 Communications alum is currently Vice president at Fenton, the largest public interest communications firm in the United States. They combine decades of expertise with creativity and innovation to accelerate progress on today’s most pressing global and national issues ...

November 22, 2012
Christine Wang

Christine Wang graduated from Dreyfoos in 2002. After completing law school she returned back to our community to accept a position at Ward, Damon, Posner, Pheterson & Bleau, PL. Additionally Christine is the newly instated Alumni Representative on the School of the Arts Foundation Board of Directors ...

October 22, 2012
Brandon Brady Fitzpatrick - New Era

Class of 2000 Dreyfoos School of the Arts Visual Alumnus Brandon Brady-Fitzpatrick has just accepted a position as Senior Designer of Apparel at New Era. New Era has been making the official field cap of MLB for decades and was recently contracted to design the official field cap of the NFL ...

September 22, 2012
Jessica Lea Patty

Jess Patty is a class of 1997 Dance Department graduate with a Musical Theatre crossover explained that performing Eva for the first time was a moving experience. “Standing on the balcony singing “Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina” was very surreal. Truly, a dream come true”. ...

August 22, 2012