Donner Foundation Donations Top $150,000!

Spotlight Date: 
February 22, 2013
The William H. Donner Foundation

Plywood, 2x4’s, paint , screws, nails, fabrics, thread, zippers, buttons, hats, props, tools, saw blades, drill bits, programs, music, scripts, microphones, advertising, posters….the list goes on and on!  The cost of putting on one of the highly regarded Dreyfoos main stage theater productions can be pretty overwhelming to our dedicated faculty and hard working theatre parents!  With a recent $30,000 donation by The William H. Donner Foundation a large part of the fundraising burden for this year has been lifted.  

“Thanks to this generous grant, sponsored by Nick and Kelly Roosevelt, the pressure of fundraising is lessened so the theatre teachers can focus on teaching and the students can focus on preparation for the March performances of Guys and Dolls.  We truly appreciate the Donner Foundation’s generosity.” states Wade Handy, Dean of the Dreyfoos Theatre Department. 
Since 2000, the School of the Arts Foundation has been invited by The William H. Donner Foundation to apply for support through their grant program.  To date, the total donated by the Donner Foundation is $150,000 in support of the Dreyfoos School of the Arts.  The late William H. Donner established The William H. Donner Foundation in 1961.  The Trustees and Officers of The William H. Donner Foundation have held steadfast to two key philanthropic principles of the founder--acceptance of clearly defined risks and the judicious use of incentive grants to advance thoughtful, creative projects.  
The continued support of the Donner Foundation has touched the lives of so many of our students.  We are extremely grateful for their support which has allowed our students to expand their artistic and academic experiences.  
Are you interested in making a student’s dreams come true? Email the foundation.