Talent Runs in the Family

Spotlight Date: 
August 30, 2013
Talent Runs in the Family
Dreyfoos senior Caroline Winer and sophomore Madelyn Winchester are cousins and the fourth and fifth grandchildren of Jackie Winchester to attend Dreyfoos. We are not sure how many more grandparents have reached that level!   Jackie’s other talented Dreyfoos grads include:
Savannah Winchester, Communications,  class of 2009, NYU Film, class of 2013
Flannery Winchester, Visual Arts, class of 2011, Maryland Institute College of Art
Canton Winer, Vocal, class of 2011, Fordham University, majoring in American/Urban/ Sociology Studies. 
Jackie, a retired Supervisor of Elections in Palm Beach County, has an interesting tradition she  began many years ago.  She has taken every grandchild, upon completion of 8th grade, on an international trip of their choosing.  The five Dreyfoos grandchildren picked the following: Savannah went to London, Canton went to Turkey, Flannery to Spain and Portugal, Caroline chose China and Madelyn chose Africa (to photograph the wildlife). The locations certainly got more exotic as the years went by. What a wonderful gift to give your grandchildren!

All five grandchildren

As for the current Dreyfoos students, Caroline, a senior in the vocal department, began singing with her elementary school chorus and hasn’t stopped. She has attended the University of North Carolina Greensboro Summer Music Program for two years.  As a senior she is in the midst of preparing college applications.  Although Caroline will always love to sing, she has decided to become a dietitian and is looking at the University of Florida and University of North Florida.  She feels confident in her choice of career; “Dreyfoos has helped give me the discipline to succeed!” When asked what Dreyfoos has offered her, Caroline answered, “The opportunity to work with amazingly talented students and teachers, as well as an amazing academic education. It’s an atmosphere like no other and I feel really lucky to be here! Dreyfoos is a place where we have the freedom to express our artistic passions and to be treated with respect.”
Madelyn, a digital media sophomore and the youngest of the grandchildren, began her arts journey in musical theatre because she loved being on stage.  Her focus changed as she grew older and she auditioned for digital media. Madelyn loves photography and printmaking.  Her sisters (one was a film major and the other a visual art major) definitely influenced her art. She grew up seeing what they created and it inspired her in many of her pieces and ideas.  Madelyn explained what Dreyfoos means to her, “Dreyfoos means so much more to me than a school. It is a microcosm of creativity. Regardless of what part of the school you’re in everyone always thinks outside of the box.”
Be sure to look for Jackie Winchester at Grandparents Day on Tuesday, November 26th.  She’ll be there, as she has since 2010, cheering on her grandchildren.