A Singer Finds His Voice

Spotlight Date: 
January 22, 2013
Juan Suarez a junior in the Vocal Department

Juan Suarez, a junior in the Vocal Department, has been involved in music for a long time; he studied violin for many years but it wasn’t until he started singing three years ago that he felt he really connected to the music.

This past summer Mr. Suarez attended the Boston University Tanglewood Institute which is considered the premiere summer training program for aspiring high school-age musicians.  He was invited back for this summer on a full scholarship.  Through the rigorous training he receives at Dreyfoos and through these summer programs Juan hopes to attend a conservatory to study voice when he graduates.

He is currently working on a variety of pieces for the upcoming Valentine Choral Concert; the vocal department is preparing everything from The Carpenters to Latin to Jazz. The concert promises to be a very diverse evening.

In talking about his experience performing in the music department’s Holiday Prism Concert at the Kravis Center Juan said, “It was one of the best experiences of my life, getting to work on a real stage with professional stage hands and a huge audience … nothing compares.”

In addition to being active in the vocal department and keeping up with his academic requirements Juan is a member of the Dreyfoos swim team.  Juan has found the real challenge in going to Dreyfoos is balancing all the responsibilities, “It is hard having to make choices;  doing something I have to do for academic classes over something I want to do for a music class.”   

When asked about what Dreyfoos means to him Juan put it simply, “Dreyfoos is being who you are!”