New to the Stage

Spotlight Date: 
August 25, 2014
New to the Stage

Although junior Sarah Linares had little stage theatre experience before attending Dreyfoos, she has taken to it quickly. “I came here knowing almost nothing. It was really the teachers and students in the department that inspired me and I fell in love with it.”

“Dreyfoos (in terms of theatre) has a very professional environment. We’re not just staying after school to do theatre; we’re staying after school to work as if it were a professional job. Most people here are really dedicated to their art and it shows. I think we also get a lot of opportunities to grow as artists that we wouldn’t get at our home schools.”

Sarah’s dedication has paid off; she will be starring as Anne Frank in the DSOA Theatre department’s upcoming performances of The Diary of Anne Frank.

The auditions this year were definitely different than in years past. Usually they are held separately for all main stage shows, but this year everything was combined. Straight play and musical all in one. I only auditioned for ‘Diary’ so I had to prepare a 1 minute classical era monologue. In terms of preparing for the play we were all encouraged to do a lot of research. Since these were real people, I think the best way we can portray them is accurately. Doing research for Anne was actually very easy. Not only is a look into her mind and soul available at your local library, but also tons of movies, books, and websites have been centered on her and the story of the annex.”

Research isn’t all that influences Sarah’s acting, she cites her own travels and experiences as inspirations, and says that she tries “to find bits of my own story, and other stories that are important to me in every piece I do.”

Although she is uncertain as to where she will apply to college, Sarah knows she wants to continue her education in theatre as well as in her other love: Psychology. “I am completely and utterly in love with learning about the human brain, psyche, memory, the why behind the how.”

If luck is on her side, she hopes to make theatre her profession, but Sarah knows she could be just as happy in the field of psychology. “I am aware that both of those take a lot of schooling, but I think it would really be a career I could pour my heart and soul into with no regrets.”