The Future Coming into Focus

Spotlight Date: 
May 22, 2013
Stephanie Weil
Stephanie Weil, a junior in the Digital Media department, has had an interest in photography since a young age.  She was a competitive equestrian hunter-style jumper until the age of 12 and spent a lot of her early years around nature and animals; she was so inspired by her surroundings that she began photographing her friends and the horses.  
She has artistic influences from many different areas of her life but the foundation is her Asian-American roots; Stephanie is fifty percent Chinese.  Her grandparents are from China and passed away when she was young.  In her continued search for her cultural foothold she has identified with her old-school Buddhist roots; they influence her attraction to natural landscapes.  She also has a passion for the digital age and technology.  This juxtaposition has translated into her current artistic focus which is landscape photography and the difference between natural organic landscapes and urban landscapes; being aware of organic and geometric shapes and how they interact with one another.
She likes to be inspired by the landscapes around her and makes frequent visits to the Morikami Museum and visits family in California and Boston to photograph whatever she can.  This summer she hopes to take a road trip along the west coast.  
In the digital age when everyone over-edits photographs on the computer Stephanie has chosen to do very little manipulation in this fashion.  She basically uses Photoshop and Lightroom only to adjust the tones of the images she has photographed.  She does like to play in different types of mediums; she is reluctant to be tied to one field of interest just yet.  She enjoys making short films; last summer Stephanie attended the Massachusetts College of Art and Design summer program for two weeks and studied graphic design.  
As Stephanie prepares for her senior year and college applications she has a lot of choices to make.  She wants to continue studying photography and art, she wants to travel abroad and maybe go to school in California.  At this point nothing has been decided but whatever her choice this talented artist will be sure to take some beautiful pictures along the journey.
When asked about her experiences at Dreyfoos so far, Stephanie said, “Dreyfoos opened a lot of doors and I met a lot of people who have the same interests.  Dreyfoos gives you the opportunity to express yourself more freely and to think outside the box.  People are always there to support you.”