Dreaming Up Illustrations

Spotlight Date: 
February 22, 2016
Isamar Jaquez
For Isamar Jaquez, drawing has always come naturally. “When I was in elementary school, I was known as that ‘one kid who drew all the time’ and that continued into middle school. The beginning of 6th grade was when I became very interested in art, especially comics. I began to take it seriously once I entered high school.”
A senior in the Visual Arts department, Isamar decided she wanted to study comics and illustration when she was in middle school. Through Dreyfoos, she had the opportunity to meet with representatives from the many colleges and universities that come to review our students’ portfolios. 
“Comics were always really fun to make and I wanted to be like the professionals. I didn't believe I would have the chance to be like them. It wasn't until my sophomore year when I had a college review and the reviewer encouraged me to pursue a career with my cartoons.”
To further this goal, Isamar has attended the Kendell College of Art and Design Portfolio Camp as well as the Pre-College Program in Comic Art at Minneapolis of Art and Design. 
“I primarily work digitally with a Wacom bamboo tablet using Paint Tool Sai. It's very convenient and I can create any texture I want and am able to use techniques that would be difficult to do traditionally. I also love to work with watercolors. It's such a lovely medium that is very flexible. With some pieces I do a lot of planning and research, which is my favorite part, I really dig into the subject which helps make the piece successful. I work in my sketchbook constantly because I get the chance to scribble and doodle my ideas out and make basic concept art. I feel my sketchbook reflects who I truly am."
In her work, Isamar draws inspiration from her interactions with others, artists she admires, and some of her other interests. “I love astronomy and outer space. Dreams and Astronomy inspire me as well to create the mood and tone of a particular scene. I love many artists, especially Claire Keane with her way of story-telling and Studio Ghibli with their films that emphasize the human qualities of a character and moment.”
When Isamar graduates she plans to continue her studies in Comic Art. She hopes to attend Minneapolis College of Art and Design or the School of Visual Arts in New York City. 
“I want to make art that makes people smile, feel better, or feel something they can relate with. A teacher influences their students and helps them get to know themselves better or fall in love with the subject matter. That is who I want to be: someone who influences and helps someone grow, as an artist or as a teacher.”
At Dreyfoos, Isamar says “I have had the chance to learn from teachers who were well informed in the arts, which helped me build my portfolio. One thing I love the most is that I get to be in an environment that promotes the arts and I get to be surrounded by other students who love what they do, so we inspire each other. Dreyfoos is an open-minded, accepting, supportive environment with caring teachers and unique students. I have had a lot of freedom and spontaneity to be who I was and that's the best part about being a student at Dreyfoos.”