A Close Knit Percussion Group

Spotlight Date: 
November 22, 2012
Percussion Group

When most people think of percussion players they think of drummers playing a bass or snare drum.  Not so, with the Dreyfoos percussion ensemble!  At the upcoming Prism Concert you will be wowed by this group of talented young musicians who play the drums yet so much more -   marimbas, xylophones, vibraphone, chimes, tympani, Latin percussion, bass and snare drums and a vast array of cymbals, tambourine, wood block, triangle and cuica (a Brazilian drum)! 

Percussion Ensemble member and Dreyfoos Senior Murphy Aucamp shared that the ensemble will be playing several pieces in this year’s Prism Concert.   One is an arrangement of Sergei Prokofiev’s “Troika” (Midnight Sleigh Ride) and another is a special arrangement by  Murphy that might make you want to get up and dance - a Brazilian Samba Bateria  a traditional Rio de Janeiro Carnival music.

Under the direction of, Mr. Eric Rucker, members of the ensemble include Charles Comiter, Maria Guerrero, Matthew Leeds, Shannon Silva, Tyson Jackson, Murphy Aucamp, James Horstman, Tommy Carrero and Bailey O’Donnel.   Mr. Rucker is new to Dreyfoos and has the musicians exploring African, Middle Eastern and South American percussion. The study of these multicultural rhythms has broadened the musical horizons of the students.

Also look for Aucamp and his fellow percussionists playing in the orchestra and wind ensemble.  Murphy states, “The percussionists are a closely knit group because they don’t play as much as the other musicians so they have more “bonding” time.”