Benenson Scholarship provides $100,000 in Scholarships

Spotlight Date: 
August 22, 2012
Gladys Benenson

Five years ago, one of our board members approached us with setting up an annual scholarship fund in memory of her husband. In 2009, the Edward H. Benenson Scholarship Fund was established by Gladys Benenson and since then $100,000 in scholarships have been awarded to 37 extraordinary students at Dreyfoos. Mrs. Benenson ensures that our most talented students get the opportunity to further their artistic gifts by providing them with a $2500 scholarship for college or summer institutes. These scholarships have afforded our students to attend such wonderful institutions as Juilliard and Joffrey summer dance institutes, NYU Tisch School of Arts, Boston Conservatory and the Walnut Hill Summer Opera program.

“It gives me great pleasure to help these students do something that they might not have had the opportunity to experience. They get the chance to travel to new places and practice their art.”  says Mrs. Benenson.

One of those gifted students that have been awarded a Benenson Scholarship is Ericsson Hatfield. Ericsson has used his scholarship for the last two summers to attend Meadowmount School of Music. To continue reading Ericsson’s story click here.

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