Save the Arts Donors

As of June 1, 2018, total donations received in cash and pledges: $116,785
Cash Contributions matched by the Foundation: $48,850
Total received from State of Florida Grant: $9,691 
Total contributions to the Save the Arts campaign: $175,326

A special thank you to our campaign supporters!

Christina Albanese

Anita and Gary Alexander

Ms. Sandy Allenby

Joseph F Amodeo

Dr. and Mrs. David Amrose

Mr. Bryan S Anderson and Ms. Melissa Plotsky

Oleg and Belma Andric

Mr. and Mrs. Neil Anthony

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ansay

Leomar and James Anzalone

Angelo and Mary Lou Arcadipane

Mr. and Mrs. Jon Van Arnam

Ms. Crystal Arnette

Robert and Ruth Baal

Baird Foundation, Inc.

Stacey and Jeffrey Bakutes

Bank of America Foundation, Inc./Matching Gifts

Mr. and Mrs. Leo J Barrett

Dr. Roger L and Dr. Margo Bash

The Benevity Community Impact Fund

Ms. Shayla Benoit

Ernest and Ellen Berman

The Louis Berkowitz Family Foundation

Mr. and Dr. Bernstein

Mr. Larry Bernstein

Mr. Evan Bestland and Mrs. Sonja Harms

Mr. and Ms. Scott Bielecky

Ms. Rachael Blum

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Boss

Mindy Bohrer

Rod Braun

Mrs. Karen Brown

Kera Hagen and Derek Brown

Mr. Robert F Buchholz

Dr. Leisl S Buechler

Jorceline Cadet

Mr. and Mrs. E. D Caggiani

Joyce Cain

Ms. Hope Caldwell

Mr. William K Caler, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. William F Callahan

Mr. and Ms. Steve Cao

Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Cave

Mrs. Bitasta Chaturvedi

John Christopher

Mr. and Ms. Michael Civin

Matthew Cohen

Mervyn Russell and Pamela Cole

Mr. Matthew Collins

Mr. and Mrs. John V Colvin

Mrs. Darlene Crawford

Mr. and Mrs. John E Curran

Mr. and Mrs. Peter D Blanc

Ms. Judith Davis

J. Davis Communications, Inc

Ms. Erin Destito

Alicia Febles de Lorow

Mr. and Mrs. George DeMoya

Mr. Anthony Dente

Leonardo and Mary Dicosola

Maria da Luz Dupont

Jennifer Eaton

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Effenberger

Josephine and Salvatore Faso

Tina Ferguson

Mr. and Mrs. Barry G Fisher

Ms. Ellen Flaum

Mr. Marvin Marks and Mrs. Donna D Fried

Stephen and Janet Gale

Tom & Lisa Gallagher

Mrs. Carolina Gallo

Mrs. Debby Gans

William Gans

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Garrett

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Gavras

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Gelman

Mr. Ronald Gesser

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Gettinger

Mrs. Kathy Giner

Joseph Orth and Wendy Glick

Norman Golden

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Goldenfarb

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Goldman

Olga Gonzalez

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Gonzalez

Mr. Stanley Gordon

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Grund

The Haft Family

Mrs. Lynne Hart

Nancy and Joel Hart Charitable Foundation

Lillie and Cliff Hartman

Mr. and Mrs. James Haddad

Mr. Douglas Hanna

Whitney and Shawn Henry

Ms. Margaret Van Buskirk Heun

Shauna and Ron Hostetler

Thaler Howell Foundation, Inc.

Mr. Andrew Huber

Mr. and Mrs. Ted F Hutton

Mr. Matthew Jablin

Alan Jacobson

Jewish Community Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M Johnson

Tamara Jorgensen

Simone and Robert S Kaye

Mr. Keith D Kern

Mrs. Kristen Keys

Mr. Todd Kissel

Mr. David Kleinman

Urundi B Knox

Ms. Jeannie Kollar

Ms. Heidi Reiff Kopit

Toni Kozak

Mr. William Kretschmar

Angela and H K Kudon

Mr. Stanley Label

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Lafferty

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas P Lambert

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Lerman

Kris and Rick Lidinsky

Mr. and Mrs. Richard 

Mrs. Mary Liguori

Carl J and Yvette S Lofaro

Ms. Nadia E Lundy

Victoria Goldstein Macadar

The Manganiotis Family

Mr. and Mrs. Athur Manno

Mr. and Mrs. Armando J Martin

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn S Matusik

Lena and Elie Mazmanian

Chris Mbaeri

Mr. and Mrs. Steve McIntosh

Mrs. Laresa McIntyre

Mr. Edward F McLaughlin

Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Medina

Linda Merchant

Shawn and Kurt Meredith

Mr. and Mrs. William A Metzger

Vickie Meyer

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Miller

The Monaco Family

Mr. Paul Monnes

Mr. and Mrs. Sean Moriarity

Stuart G Katz and Madeline S Morris

Charlotte and John Murray

National Pool Service Inc.

Mr. Mark Neary

Mr. Gerald Nickodemski and Mrs. Lisa Ossola

Mr. Simon B Offit

Paul E Oleary

Mrs. Stacey Ovitt

Ms. Margaret Owen

Mr. and Mrs. S. C Palermo

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Payson

Ms. Jennifer Perrone

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Prettitore

Ms. Chelsea Rager

Kara Rahilly

Mr. and Mrs. John C Randolph

Mr. Mark Rankin

Ronald Rickles

Amanda and Andrew Rief

Mr. and Mrs. Herve Rivere

Amy and Jeff Robbert

Louis and Theresa Robustelli

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Roden

Mr. and Mrs. Jose Rodriguez

Maria Romano

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Romano

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Rook

Ms. Lauren Roth

Mr. and Mrs. Travis A Routt

Mr. William T Ryan

Mr. and Mrs. Eric G Sabinano

Mrs. Kathy S Salvador

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Scheinberg

Stephen Schmidt

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Scalzo, Jr.

Anna Schmidt

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Schram

Mr. and Mrs. Derek Schwartz

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Schwartz

Mr. and Mrs. Bennett Shuldman

Mr. Edward Siedle

Mr. Ben Silberman

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Silpe

Mr. Ben Starling, III

Ms. Meaghan Stainback

Mr. Kurt Sohn and Mrs. Cathy Sullivan

Mr. Chenghui Song

Ms. Charla Sramowicz

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Stoloff

Mrs. Faydra M Stratton

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Suchodolsky

Mr. and Mrs. Peter D Tarini

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Taylor

Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Teitelbaum

The Trainor Family

Mr. Alan Le and Ms. Alissa Tran

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Troast

Mr. and Mrs. Jamie T Visker

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J Wade

Mr. and Mrs. Rick Waggener

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Walsh

Mr. Matthew E Warner

Ms. Rachel E Wein

Mr. and Mrs. William K Whitten

Mr. Miguel Fang and Mrs. Sylvia Whu

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Winston

Ms. Frances Wurster

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Yansura

Mr. Richard Lord and Mrs. Yvonne Yegge 


Thank you for your support!
To join our growing list of donors visit
or call the School of the Arts Foundation at (561) 805-6298.