The Dreyfoos School of the Arts Foundation funds all Artists in Residence and two
non-instructional staff positions.
The Artist in Residence Program offers students

classes that would otherwise be unavailable:

Can you imagine Dreyfoos without all of these staff members?
  • The Foundation must raise $240,000 for the Artists in Residence 
        and two non-instructional staff members.
  • We hope to raise $575 per student to support the Artists in Residence program.
  • We do obtain outside funding for the Artists in Residence program - the largest
        being the State of Florida.
  • In 2014, we received $150,000 from the State of Florida for Artists in Residence.
        However, for this up-coming school year funds have 
    been cut to $9,506…

The result of not reaching our goal…
Dr. Atherley will need to make decisions by the end of May regarding the Artists in Residence program if these funds are not raised.
Any and ALL donations will help SAVE THE ARTS!