Visual Arts and Digital Media Parents and Families! 
We need your help raising the funds to provide hospitality (a light breakfast and a nice lunch) for the college representatives attending our annual Visual & Digital Portfolio Review Day on Wednesday, January 17th 2024. 
Each year, in January around 50+ college representatives from schools around the country (and world) come to meet with OUR amazing Visual Arts and Digital Media student artists. They do portfolio reviews and talk to our students about the opportunities at their schools, whether for summer opportunities or post-high school degree tracks. This event is invaluable and is our own little private Dreyfoos Portfolio Day event. We are lucky to be able to host it. 
Please donate what you are able towards this cause and enable us to host this awesome event for our 10th-12th graders. 
If every family donates a little, we will be able to easily reach our goal! 

We thank everyone for their help in making this event a success year after year. 

VA/DM Portfolio Day Hospitality

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