Campaign for the Arts Donors

As of May 18, 2017, total donations received in cash and pledges: $48,611
Cash Contributions matched by the Foundation: $45,083
(Pledges cannot be counted towards this challenge)
Total Donations to the Campaign for the Arts: $93,694
Choreographer ($8,625)+
Musician ($2,875)+
The Gail Wasserman Family Foundation
Ms. Jackie Grimm
Artist ($1,150)+
Michael and Carolyn Ansay
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Haft
Andrew Huber
Joe and Jamie Monaco
Perez Family
Cater and Alice Randolph
Visker Family
Student ($575)+ 
Sandy Allenby
Arrigo Dodge Chrysler Jeep
Anthony Family
William and Deanna Bartels
Greg and Ileana Bell
Mrs. Felise Brodsky
Dan and Christie Caggiani
Ryan and Julie Cave
Law Firm of Wyant-Cortez & Cortez, Chartered
The Dal Bon Family
Barry and Carol Fisher
David & Elizabeth DeBeer
Fernando and Kimberly Del Dago
Raymond and Frani DeJaco
Eaton Vance Investment Managers
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Goldman
Caroline and Howard Goodman
Maria E. Gutierrez Falcon
Ms. Tina Ferguson
Andrew and Wendy Furman
The Hacker Family
Stephen and Karen Garrett
Bryan Greenberg
Mr. Juan Guerrero
Mr. James Haddad
Mrs. Suzanna Holmes
Mark Inderbitzen
Mrs. Kristen Keys
William and Jennifer Kircher
Wendy and Lee Lerman
Rick and Kris Lidinsky
Esperanza and Michael Mosher
O'Gorman Family
The Ton Family
Michelle Raia
Natalie Rodriguez
Paul and Teresa Romano
The Scalzo Family
Nicole and Rick Waggener
Bill and Sally Wendt
Ms. Josephine Wurster
Karen Abis
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Bailey
Steve Cao
Mrs. Lara Lee Bugeja
Jennifer Burjan
Cordoba Construction Co. Inc.
Ms. Jenifer Elmore, Phd.
Melissa Ford
Tom & Lisa Gallagher
Thelma & Allen Gerstein
Ralph and Calla Guild
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Henderson
Barbara J Hogan
Dawn Ingham
Judy MacCloud
Maita Medina
The Muilenburg Family
Mr. Joe Nellegar and Mrs. Cheryl Miller
Valerie Robbins
Jonathan and Ashley Van Dyke
Thank you for your support!
To join our growing list of donors visit
or call the School of the Arts Foundation at (561) 805-6298.