Donor Spotlights

Addison Hines
The School of the Arts Foundation is grateful for the support of the Addison Hines Charitable Trust.  Since 2007, the Hines Trust has donated over $375,000 to the Foundation in support of the visual, digital and music departments.  Addison Hines, a longtime Palm Beach resident and philanthropist legacy continues through the his support of the artistic development of Dreyfoos ...
August 30, 2013
Marcus Printup
It was a great day in 2007 when Jodi Luntz, a Dreyfoos parent and Foundation board member, asked Gil Maurer to visit the Dreyfoos School.  Mr. Maurer became quite enamored with the school, its students and teachers.  Since then, the Dreyfoos School of the Arts Foundation has been the recipient of 6 grants totaling $450,000 ...
May 22, 2013
Dorothy and Simon
We are so fortunate to have the financial and volunteer support of community members who are passionate about the Dreyfoos School of the Arts.  Many of our donors have never had a child or grandchild attend Dreyfoos.  So, why do they get involved?   Because of the enthusiasm and success of the Dreyfoos students and faculty ...
April 22, 2013
Sylvia Greenberg

The mission of the School of the Arts Foundation is to enhance the art and academic programs at Dreyfoos.  In addition to supporting the school’s needs, each year the Foundation is very proud to provide students with scholarship funding.  Last year the Foundation disbursed over $90,000 in scholarships for college ...

March 22, 2013
The William H. Donner Foundation

The cost of putting on one of the Dreyfoos main stage theater productions can be pretty overwhelming to our dedicated faculty and hard working theatre parents!  With a recent $30,000 donation by The William H. Donner Foundation a large part of the fundraising burden for this year has been lifted ...

February 22, 2013
Leonard and Sophie Davis Endowment Fund

The Leonard and Sophie Davis Endowment Fund was established in 2009 thanks to the generosity of their son Alan Davis and his wife Mary Lou Dauray. Alan contacted the School of the Arts Foundation to ask if he could take a tour and learn more of his late parents’ interest in the Dreyfoos School.

January 22, 2013
Palm Beach Country Club

The Palm Beach Country Club has supported the Ray of Light Fund at the School of the Arts Foundation since 2008.  This organization has given $135,000 in grants over the last 5 years to ensure students with financial challenges are able to receive music and dance lessons, attend summer institutes, go to competitions ...

December 22, 2012
Sue and James Patterson

This year a long time dream of the Dreyfoos Music department will come true. Sue and James Patterson (Yes, the best selling author, James Patterson) are underwriting the annual Holiday Prism Concert at the Kravis Center.  It is their hope that other generous people will join them at this wonderful concert and be as inspired as ...

November 22, 2012
Marcie Gorman-Althof

Marcie Gorman-Althof is a local philanthropist with a love for children and theatre.  Now, she combines these two passions with the establishment of the Marcie Gorman Theatre Outreach Program at the Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts.  Thanks to Mrs. Gorman’s generous contribution of $10,000 ...

October 22, 2012
John Hayden

Mr. John Hayden is one of the Dreyfoos School of the Arts most ardent cheerleaders.  At almost every theatre, dance or musical performance, you can find him sitting in his theatre seat – Center Row A Seat 110. If a play runs for 8 days, he has at least one ticket for each performance.  Mr. Hayden also attends ...

September 22, 2012
Gladys Benenson

Five years ago, one of our board members approached us with setting up an annual scholarship fund in memory of her husband. In 2009, the Edward H. Benenson Scholarship Fund was established by Gladys Benenson and since then $100,000 in scholarships have been awarded to 37  students at Dreyfoos ...

August 22, 2012